DUE TO COVID 19 BOTH of our 2 summer shows have been cancelled.

A message from Alison-

My darling BAPpers,

It breaks my heart to have to tell you how that we must cancel July BAP. After careful consideration and endless discussion, we must put the health and safety of you, our beloved campers, first. The staff, along with Newman University, and CDC recommendations, cannot in good conscience risk a gathering of our size. Additionally, singing is a “super spreader” and masks are required, onstage or not. We wouldn’t be able to comply with CDC standards with the very nature of theatre, let alone a sleep away camp.

We will destroy your deposit checks unless we hear from you to return it.

We will hold an online meeting as a reunion and vote for the 2021 shows. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

We love you so much, and we beg you to stay safe. Let’s all wear our masks, wash our hands, stay home as much as possible , and do our part to flatten the curve so we can all reunite in June 2021.

We love you and we will miss you,
Alison Bridget Chambers
Executive/Artistic Director
Broadway Academy of Performing