Why We Love BAP!

“I loved BAP because it taught me so much. I learned how to stand tall in all situations, find it taught me how to speak up and speak out, pharm but most importantly I learned how to interact with people not only mentally but also emotionally. BAP was, physician and still is, my family and I will never forget anything from day one at Bye Bye Birdie to today.”

Rebecca Lee Ruppanner, BAPper since 2007

“I grew up with BAP in my life. Ever since I was little, I wanted to go to BAP. When I was offered a chance to be a day camper for my first show, The Sound of Music, I couldn’t breathe, I was so happy. I showed up for auditions and as I started to walk on stage, I could already tell that the stage was my home. As the camp went on, I made so many friends that I can’t call friends—I can only call them family. Every year, I gain a new member of my family. BAP has always been a home to me, and it always will be.”

Ella Witcher, BAPper since 2012

“I always loved theatre and performing, but when I was in high school, I never felt like I was any good at it, and none of my friends were really as into it as I was. BAP was an entirely different world in comparison. I learned to own who I was as an actress and a person, and I made great friends who loved theatre just as much as I did.”

Morgan Lea Palmer, BAPper since 2008